Company Profile

Sheehan Group is a food trade company that was established in 1985 with Objective of being specialized in importing and distribution high quality of meat by 2010 the company’s strategy tend to more expansion either by diversifying imported product lines or by launching new activities under the food industry umbrella such as processing meat, packing and retail which be deserved to establish subsidiaries companies to each activity.


Hanzada BeeMarket Meat House Samba sons

Mission & Vision


  • To deliver consistent quality to our customers using quality food, pure ingredients, and authentic recipes with up to date technology systems;
  • Devoted to continuous improvement through active alliances with international companies to expand technological and food product horizons;

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Corporate Compliance

For food health and safety, and as one of the national leading food companies, Hanzada Foods is committed to providing healthy and nutritious food for today's consumer. We support organizations that promote and encourage nutritious lifestyles on the importance of maintaining a healthy food. We also recognize that making healthy food choices is a daily challenge for millions of companies. As a major food supplier, we realize the impact we can have in helping our customers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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15, Block 12009, 1st Industrial Zone,
Obour city

Tel: (02) 46650161 / 62
Fax: (02) 46650164


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